Women Overcoming Major Challenges In Their Lives

ruthmurphy, women overcoming major challenges in their lives, conquering challengesIf there is one person in our society that has the most unrealistic expectations placed on them and expected to perform at unreasonable standards and never falter, it is women. Women are expected to work twice as hard as men to receive less pay. They are expected to be the perfect wife, the perfect mother, the perfect daughter and the perfect friend. They are expected to look like supermodels and if they don’t they are berated and judged and told that they are not good enough and will never be truly happy because they don’t look like Christy Turlington or other Victoria Secret models.

Even though women have these insane expectations placed on them, thousands of women get up each day and give it their all to prove that they are a super women. See, while women are held to such unrealistic standards and ideals… more times than not, women rise to the occasion, overcome challenges in their lives and end up successful and happy. Keep in mind that each person’s definition of happy is different, but you can look at a person and see whether or not they are truly happy.

The overwhelmed mother that hasn’t been able to take a shower in two days because her three kids have busy lives and she works 10 hour shifts ,whose husband left her, will smile and be truly happy when one of her babies achieves a goal they had set out for themselves. She will be proud at that moment that all the hell she went through to make sure her kids didn’t go without was all worth it.

There is also the woman that was beaten and abused by her lover for 10 years, who spent more days then not that he would just hit her hard enough to end it all, will smile and look truly happy the day that she has proven to herself that she is strong, strong enough to get out and stop the abuse. Women each day accomplish miracles in even the darkest moments in their life.

There are women such as Ann Bartlett, who is an entrepreneur who has not only overcome all the obstacles that stand in the way of female business owners, but also personal health issues. She has been determined not to let the challenges of life dictate who she is or what she does, but instead she uses there challenges to her benefit.

Derschaun Sharpley is another woman that has overcome many of life’s challenged to now be the president and founder of Helping Individuals Succeed. Her motivation came from growing up in an area where there were few opportunities not only for women, but everyone to better themselves.

These are only a couple women that have overcome challenges to be successful. No, you don’t have to own your business to be considered successful. You can look into your own life for the strong women that may not even realize are there. Your mom that got divorced and took care of you and your siblings on her own and never gave up no matter how tight things got.

Your grandmother that survived the concentration camps to make it to America to have children and help bring you up to be the person you are today. The strong women in your life can be your source of inspiration, your motivation… proof that no matter what you can overcome what is in front of you and be successful.

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