About Ruth

Ruth Murphy

What is the
"Ultimate Life Winner"?
And… What Does It Take
To Be Magnificent?

Ruth Murphy knows about life and winning. Growing up in Alabama, in a true southern farm family, the youngest of nine children; she will proudly share her life story and what life was like grow up on the farm.  Having the older brothers and sisters, there was always someone to answer her questions, give guidance and most of all help keep up with her. The farm consisted of eighty-four acres, which she loved to freely roam.

Ruth’s personal story is the foundation for her passion and purpose to share her story of success and adversity; providing her the opportunity to develop a platform to share with others who are suffering from the same invisible destroyer of life – PAIN. She has endured this silent destroyer of life for thirteen years, resulting from a startling, sudden, twisting fall on October 31, 1988 while on duty as a flight attendant.

Her career began with an ABC TV affiliate in Birmingham, AL. Her husband’s work moved them to Atlanta, GA where she transitioned to an ABC affiliate in Atlanta, offering her the opportunity to expand into the field of radio. She had already been working in TV so the opportunity to work in radio was most interesting because she was able to work directly with the Atlanta Braves Broadcast Programming.

Realizing she was working to pay someone to raise her daughter, she decided it was time to be a "Stay-At-Home Mom" and she took a hiatus from the working world to focus more on her family. When the time came to return to the working world, Ruth was offered a position in a commercial real estate company. She went to the interview as a favor to a friend and she was offered the position. Much to her shock and dismay, Ruth quickly rose through the ranks from an executive administrative assistant to a licensed retail leasing agent, to ultimately co-founding her own commercial real estate company and becoming renowned as one of the top commercial brokers in the South and oh yes… one of the few and rare female commercial brokers. She quickly gained attention and respect in the commercial industry and was known for brokering some of the largest deals in her niche.


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